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The Industry’s Problem

Accessing tickets to live events has been a transactional, nonsocial, inefficient experience for decades.  Consumers are forced to pay high ticketing fees on top of their purchases while ticketing companies and event/venue owners are forced to pay high advertising dollars to market their events to consumers creating a lose lose situation for all involved.  Because of this dynamic, independent event producers have even a harder time competing with larger corporations that have large marketing budgets.

festivalPass’s Solution

festivalPass offers event/venue owners, producers and ticket owners a place to reach passionate, committed high frequency live event fans based on the unique content of their events and not only on the size of their marketing budgets.  At the same time, live events fans can discover and access live events of all types and sizes through their membership in a community driven, social, frictionless, single source platform that rewards them for their loyalty and participation in community. 


The Party is Just Beginning


  • The global $200B live events industry is projected to undergo 200% year-over-year growth as venues reopen for the first time since 2020.

  • The online event ticketing market alone is projected to reach $68 billion by 2025 — and we’re first-to-market with a centralized subscription marketplace platform for all live event genres large and small.

  • We have thousands of live events across major cities throughout the US already committed to our platform and project 10,000+ live events by Q4 2022.

  • It costs us less than $5 to acquire a new free member and less than $50 per new paid member who are expected to generate $600 per year in revenue per paid member.

  • We generate recurring monthly revenue from a current community of 45,000+ members, with new members sign ups increasing weekly and are forecasted to reach 150,000 monthly paid members by the end of 2022 producing up to an estimated $90MM of annual run rate revenue.

  • Estimated market value of a subscription based company like festivalPass with $90MM of annual run rate revenue could be worth $200-$300MM in market value based on recent valuations.

Global Live Events Industry Is Pumping Up the Bass

According to a new report by Grand View Research, Inc, the global online event ticketing market size is expected to reach $68 billion USD by 2025, exhibiting a 4.8% CAGR during the forecast period.

While festivalPass is for all live events, the festival industry alone is booming

  • 35 million Americans went to at least one festival in 2019

  • Film festivals continue to become more consumer-driven, and not only industry insiders

  • The live events category for music was $34.4B globally in 2019 and projected to grow to $50B by 2023

  • Over 3,000 active film festivals each year

  • Over 9,000 Food & Beverage festivals annually in North America

Data Driven Approach

  • Founder with decade of online consumer data experience

  • Venues and Events traditionally only know 1 in 10 people in the audience

  • Creating one of the largest data sets in global entertainment with deterministic approach to who is attending event

  • Integrated with consumer datagraph of over 300 million US consumers

  • Powerful recommendation engine helping members discover events they will love analogous to Netflix content discovery

  • Credit based dynamic pricing model leveraging data to increase LTV of members

  • Data guiding ticket inventory acquisition

Solving the Supply-Side Marketplace Dilemma

One of the hardest aspects of launching a marketplace-based company is creating both supply and demand.

  • To solve the supply-side issue, festivalPass created a program called the Venue Capital Access Program (VCAP). festivalPass has secured commitment for up to $100MM in capital from investment funds to advance into live event venues in return for a pledge of up to 2X future ticket inventory that will be made available to festivalPass members. Read more here.

Trends in festivalPass’s Passionate Members

  • Millennials and Gen Z are demanding subscription options in entertainment and are the growth engine of experiential entertainment.

  • Millennials command an estimated $1.3 trillion in annual consumer spending

  • More than 3 in 4 millennials (78%) would choose to spend money on a desirable experience or event over buying a tangible item

  • 8 in 10 millennials (82%) attended or participated in a variety of live experiences in the past year

festivalPass welcomes

Millennial & Gen Z Expert, Jason Dorsey,
as a strategic investor and advisor to the company.
What is really exciting to me about festivalPass is that it offers access to so much more than music + a subscription model that is ideally suited for emerging consumers.”

- Jason Dorsey

A $100MM Strategic Solution to the Marketplace Dilemma

Marketplace companies often fail because of an inability to create both supply and demand. festivalPass solves this by generating supply with $100MM of funding into live events via company partnerships.

  • One of the hardest aspects of launching a marketplace-based company is creating both supply and demand.

    festivalPass is partnering with an investment fund and primary ticketing companies to develop a Venue Capital Access Program (VCAP) that will stimulate a market that is craving a resurgence.

    The VCAP fund will funnel up to $100MM in capital into live event venues over the next six months.

  • Here's how it works:

    Investment fund will supply up to $100MM in capital.

    Venues will pledge up to $200MM of future ticket inventory.

    festivalPass and primary ticketing company will have inventory available in real-time for direct purchase or to be redeemed by festivalPass members.

    festivalPass will access the ticket inventory in real time and allow members to redeem their credits for tickets from the pledged ticket inventory.  Tickets sold via other platforms will earn festivalPass a revenue share on up to $200MM of tickets over the next two years.

  • With a massive pent-up demand for live events following a pandemic lifestyle, this is exactly what event-goers need to get the party started!

How festivalPass Works

Pass the Lines and Get Access to Thousands of Events Across Multiple Industries

festivalPass is based on a credit currency system that is ideal for heterogeneous inventory, allowing for benefits that include:

Our Model

  • Consumers access tickets at a lower cost by becoming a member

  • No transaction fees

  • Rewards through controlled currency

  • Single monthly subscription processed to credit card, not for every ticket

  • Credits allow for dynamic pricing and discounts that do not cannibalize direct purchase of tickets from venues for non festivalPass members

  • Dynamic pricing based on several data inputs including but not limited to:

    Retail ticket cost

    LTV of Member



    Influence of Member

    Unlimited correlated data driven inputs

  • Positive Gross Margin on every transaction

Unique Global Vision for festivalPass

festivalPass is on a mission to solve the multi-decade problem that has created inefficiency in the live events industry.  Consumers deserve the right to participate in a community of like-minded passionate, high frequency event goers in which the electric experience of attending live events begins during the discovery, connection and ticket acquisition process, extends through to the actual live experience and continues for years after amongst a community that shares their passion.  festivalPass is creating joy in the entire process of going to live events locally and globally while helping the industry that creates the memorable experiences reach their coveted audience more equitably.

What’s Different About Festival Pass

Instead of buying one off tickets from brokers and venues with high transaction fees for events you already know about, Festival Pass helps you discover AND gives you access to thousands of festivals and events with a unique credit system.

Every month, get credits to secure admission to festivals and events

Your monthly plan includes credits to use at any festival or event, which means you can discover and try as many experiences as you like.

Festivals and events are worth different credit amounts

Experiences and life with your loved ones shouldn’t cost as much as tickets resold at extravagant prices. Credits consider an events’ popularity, date, your engagement and social activity, friends attending, and more.

Make your experiential life an intentional priority

Maximize your experience discovering unique and amazing lesser known events you can tell your friends about or opt for well known events at peak is up to you!

Roll over credits — or add more

As a Member of Festival Pass your credits will never expire as long as you are a paid member in good standing. An experiential life should be don’t sweat it...or add more when you need with credit bundles.

Invest in the Future of Live Events
Partnerships with festivalPass

Hand in Hand

festivalPass has created partnerships with several ticket aggregators to access thousands of events directly into our platform.

Partnerships allowing 60k hotel room nights available on festivalPass

Go To Market - Festivals

  • Ticket  sales represent the primary revenue source for events, typically accounting for 50-80% of total revenue

  • Historically, optimization of this revenue stream has been an organizer’s main focus, with complex pricing structures becoming increasingly common; tickets are offered for all days/events or for single days/events with a wide variety of VIP packages and add-ons available

  • This dynamic creates an optimal fragmented environment for a marketplace to increase ticket volume and normalize pricing for the consumer via subscription

Townsquare Media (“TSM”) is an investor in and partner to festivalPass. festivalPass has a multi-million dollar dedicated paid media partnership to spend across the TSM media portfolio and via social media on Facebook, Instagram, Google and LinkedIn.
  • TSM Local Media includes
    321 radio stations and local websites reaching 30 million unique visitors monthly


  • TSM National Media national affinity websites reaching 50 million unique visitors monthly

Based on Amount Invested

Free 12 month Silver Membership worth $100
Free 12 month Gold Membership worth $320
Free 12 month Platinum Membership worth $535
Free 12 Month Founder Membership worth $1,020
$50,000 (6 perks available)
Join festivalPass Founder at a NY Rangers Hockey game during the 2021 or 2022 Season and dinner after the game with NY Ranger Defenseman and festivalPass investor Jacob Trouba.
How festivalPass Works

Spreading the Love

Millennials, Experiential Participation & Charitable Giving:
84% of Millennials donate to charity
FP could Donate up to $12 million USD by 2023*
* assuming 10% of credits are converted to charity wallets
Millennials give via online and social channels
  • festivalPass will  encourage members to place a portion of unused credits into a member’s Charity Wallet

Millennials Want to Share Their Giving on Social
  • festivalPass integrated social sharing tools will enable advocacy within community and published on all social channels

Millennials Value Results
  • Scale of aggregate donations from festivalPass community will ensure highest transparency from charities to be considered for the platform

Millennials Are Open to Ongoing Donations
  • Members can designate a portion their monthly unused credits to be automatically sent to charity of choice – single subscription, double impact

How festivalPass Works

The Roaring 20’s

Live events have not been possible during the current pandemic environment-- but there is a light at the end of the tunnel. Creators, managers, and large corporations are planning ahead, with an industry consensus that Q3 and Q4 will see a huge return of live events.

As a community, we have spent the last year inside, creating a pent-up demand with a stimulus burning a hole in pockets. There is $1.3T in savings from 12 months of not spending on restaurants, travel, and entertainment.  The roaring ’20s are almost here, and we are ready.

In 2022
  • 150,000+ paying members

  • 10,000 event/venue partners

  • AVG RPU - $600+ per year

  • Valuation per user - $1,500

  • Gross Margin Positive

  • Potential Enterprise Value - $225MM

In 2024
  • 750,000+ paying members

  • 25,000 event/venue partners

  • AVG RPU - $600+ per year

  • Valuation per user - $1,500

  • Gross Margin Positive

  • Potential Enterprise Value - $1.2B

The above information contains forward looking projections which can't be guaranteed.

The industry is already rebounding based on current news. The first four shows to be held at major arenas in Taiwan have sold out in minutes, as the government hands out 2m ticket vouchers to boost the cultural sector.
Read More

Creating Experiences That Change You

festivalPass is a story about community and creating experiences that change you. As humans, we need connection - it’s in our DNA, as strong a need as food, water, and warmth.

The team at festivalPass, which spans the globe from Bali to NY to Detroit to Lisbon, is bringing our members the only place to make accessing, discovering, and attending festivals across music, film, art, food & wine, and tech & innovation the most user-friendly, frictionless, affordable and valuable member experience possible.
Now festival and event-goers from music, art, food & wine, film, and other interests can become a member of festivalPass and join the millions of fans from around the world who choose to enjoy live experiences.

Invest in the Future of Live Events

Our Tribe

Ed Vincent

Proven Entrepreneur & Product Leader
  • Interim Head of Product & Data, MoviePass

  • Founder, Predict Analytics - Data Strategy & Platform for Media and Entertainment

  • Co-Founder, Connected Intelligence (AI Data Platform)

  • Founder SimplyEngage (Martech SaaS) sold to Modomodo in 2014

Board of Advisors

Lisa Licht

Former CMO Live Nation Concerts

Laurie Kirby

Founder Fest Forum (Largest festival

Vincent Sarafa

Chief Strategy Officer, Augeo Marketing, Formerly of Bruin Sports Capital

Lou Schwartz

CEO, Engine Media (TSXV: GAME.V)

Damon Gersh

Founder Maxons Restoration, Hearts Art Foundation

Gregory Butler

Founder ZuCasa

Geoff Cottrill

SVP Marketing, CocaCola, Starbucks Entertainment and CMO Converse

Lesa Ukman

Founder IEG (, ProSocial Valuation

Notable Investors

Jacob Trouba

Professional ice hockey defenseman and alternate captain for the New York Rangers

Tom Chavez

Founder super {set} startup studio, Founder Krux (acquired by Salesforce), Founder Rapt (acquired by Microsoft)

Townsquare Media (NYSE: TSQ)

America's 3rd largest radio network

Baljit Singh

Managing Director, Energy MNC, Active Angel Investor in Entertainment & Media

Peter Gibson

Managing Partner, Gibson Advisors, Founder Knowledgent (acquired by Accenture)

Dan Mathies

Founding Managing Partner, Reaction (global Venture Capital Fund), Global Business Leader, Bloomberg LP

Brian Sharples

Co-founder & former CEO of HomeAway

Jason Dorsey

Millennial & Gen Z Expert

Join Ed Vincent, Founder and CEO of festivalPass, on Thursday, May 20 at 4 PM EST for a live investor webinar!

Join festivalPass Founder and festivalPass Stories Podcast Host to discuss the impending return of live events as the country opens up fully, the company’s investment opportunity, why entrepreneurs and celebrities with exits approaching $10B are lining up to invest in festivalPass and why it is important to Ed (founder & CEO) to allow festivalPass members and main street investors to join the party. festivalPass capitalizes on the “Roaring ’20s” and a $200B live event industry.


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